How do I get the lines that are overdue to change color?


I took over managing our New Location Smart Sheets and have due dates. The previous owner was able to get a line to turn red, if it was an overdue task. How can I get that feature on the sheets that I've created? Or the ones that don't have this feature?


  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Click this button on the task bar. It's the conditional formatting button:

    Then click Add New Rule:

    Then you need to click each of these 3 underlined links starting from the left and set the variables which trigger the formatting and tells it how to format:

    The example sheet I'm using has a date column called Target Date so I'm going to say if the date in this column is in the past:

    When you click the underlined "this format" it will give you these options:

    To highlight the whole cell (or row) you'd choose the bucket. For just turning the text a color such as red you'd high the letter A and choose your color.

    Finally, you choose how much of the row you want to change by clicking the underlined "entire row", which is the default. You can leave it there if you want the whole row changed or you can click it to change it to choose what gets formatted such as multiple columns, single column, or the whole row.

    When done, it'll end up looking something like this:

    Lastly, some rules you set can conflict with each other depending on how you set them up and what is going on in your sheet. You can set which rules take priority over others by moving the highest priority ones to the top. You can also click this down arrow to add multiple conditions if, for example, you need a row formatted based on two variables instead of just one.