Forms Help - Two Columns with same Primary Column Cell Name

Hi All,

I am using forms to gather data that appears to be working as required until I stumbled on an issue this morning.

Forms go out to different people.

The forms contain different questions depending upon who can answer the questions.

This data is captured in a smartsheet then we use a vlookup to pull into a different sheet.

This works until..

A form is sent to multiple people with the same name within the cell of the primary column. Smartsheet adds a column per forms response, however, vlookup appear to read top down i.e. it does not pull the data into the other sheet if some rows are blank on the last received form data (but the data is there for the form received before this).

Is there a way (not manually) to copy / ensure that all data where the primary column ID cll name e.g. Name1 & Name1 have all rows filled in?

Example below:

Column 2 has data is the 'Useful' row, however, this is ignored when pulled into another sheet via vlookup. Can the two columns be merged or can the information in the 'Useful' row (column 2) be copied automatically?

Thank you.