Setting up VLOOKUP correctly


I have a source sheet that has a unique ID, and I use that as a reference to generate a number of references in a second sheet for extra details. I am using VLOOKUP to bring about 10 columns from the source sheet into the second sheet. The typical formula looks like this:

=VLOOKUP([AOP ID]@row, {2023 AOP Entry Range 1}, 7, false)

where the range is in the source sheet. I get why, but every time I insert a new column into the source table, it messes up my absolute column reference (in this case above, "7") and I have to go back a fix every vlookup. So now to the question:

I know there are some ways in excel do to INDEX and MATCH so I don't break my formulas every time. Is there something similar in SmartSheet? Apologies for the amateur question. I'm still getting my SmartSheet legs.





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