Smartsheet T-Shirt Recognized Immediately - First Time Wearing It

Ray Lindstrom
Ray Lindstrom ✭✭✭✭✭✭

What a cool experience I had being recognized in my Smartsheet t-shirt.

I received a Smartsheet t-shirt at the ENGAGE 2022 conference. Yesterday was the first time that I wore it. I left the house to pick up my kids from the YMCA (I didn't get out of the car), and we headed off to Five Guys for dinner.

I had only been out of the house for 10 minutes when we approached the restaurant door. I hold the door open for my family, and after they enter I see a man and a child walking towards the door (about 15 feet away). I decided to wait and hold the door for them.

As they walked through the door, the man stopped and said "You like Smartsheet?" Of course I was like "Yeah, I love it! You're familiar with Smartsheet? Do you use it?"

He answered yes, he uses it, and went on to tell me how they use it at their company. We exchanged our use cases, and went on our way.

I wondered if anybody would recognize it, and whether or not anybody would say anything. I know I would approach someone to inquire if I saw someone wearing one. Lo and behold, the very first person I crossed paths with not only recognized it, but said something too!

I was blown away by how fast it was recognized and commented on! So cool! Planning on wearing it to the mall this weekend. We'll see if anybody says anything while I stand around holding my wife's purse as she tries on clothes, lol.

Now I just need one of those awesome hoodies for the winter, so I can continue my quest. It's one thing to talk Smartsheet at work, or even at a conference. It's even better in the general public when the conversation is sparked by brand recognition!

Big thanks to Lance Merkin with Smartsheet for hooking me up with the shirt! I tried tagging you here, but couldn't find you.