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Use "Current User" in a formula


Hoping I've not missed something obvious, but is it possible to use "Current User" in a formula?

I would like a cell within a task list to count all tasks assigned to the current user with either of 2 status options.  I can write the formula to pick a specific name, but want to use this number in a Sight I use to help my team manage their workload.  The current formula is below - 

=COUNTIFS(Assignee:Assignee, "John Smith", Status:Status, OR(@cell = "1. New Item", @cell = "2. In Progress"))

I'm looking to replace the actual name with the name of the current user.


  • Shaine Greenwood

    There isn't a way to use "current user" as a criteria in a formula, a specific name must be typed (as your formula example has). The way that the current user criteria functions on a Sight (in a report widget) is that, when looking at the Sight, the current user will always be the person that first added that report widget.

    Even if we were to add this formula parameter down the road, I'd expect that this behavior would remain the same.

    Feel free to submit your idea and use case directly to our Product team via the Product Enhancement Request form under Quick links on the right of the Community site.

  • Hirsty2000
    edited 05/30/17

    That is a shame and is a major blocker to me continuing with the product within the organisation.

  • mmuir
    mmuir ✭✭✭

    This is a shame that the widget reflects the user that added the widget instead of reflecting the user that is logged in.   I'd love to be able to show a list of projects that are specific to the logged in user.  Its misleading to have a widget that reflects my items on a dashboard instead of focusing on the user logged in.  

    However, I still think I can put something together via the report to still allow them to review from the report, all their items.


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