My name is showing up in Contact drop down - How do I remove

Dan Tanner
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Hi everyone,

I've created a Smartsheet for a colleague. There are several contact list columns which I only want to have one option, but my name is listed as a second which I want removed. Is this possible?

Thank you,

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  • Dan Tanner
    Dan Tanner ✭✭✭✭
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    OK Update.

    I'm a bit lazy to update my original question AGAIN, but this is indeed happening on columns where I have multiple selections as well.

    For some reason, when I restrict the ability to add multiple users to a column, my name shows up, but when I allow multiple users to be selected, my name does NOT show up. I had someone else test this and the same thing happens to them.

    Very strange... but I have found my answer. Thanks all!