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Customer Curator Program

Cleversheet ✭✭✭✭✭✭

Twice a year, send each Curator* a sheet containing a batch of 10 ideas and ask them to rank the ideas using drag/drop.

[What follows is a broad sketch of the program, with zillions of details still to be worked out. The ultimate intent, though, is that a) ideas—sometimes really good ones—would not get buried in the mass and thus overlooked (at least by Community users; already the list is daunting, and I can’t realistically get to those that are sorta stuck in the middle when sorting the list by oldest or newest, at least without tapping Next, Next, Next, …); and that b) hands-on product super-users would reality-check all ideas.]

In addition to ranking, Curators should be required to complete a multi-select dropdown containing these potential responses:

  • Broadly applicable
  • Narrowly applicable
  • Highly useful
  • Already implemented
  • Outside my Smartsheet skillset 
  • Disregard

Curators can optionally:

  • Recommend that ideas be scuttled if they’re not clearly stated
  • Propose an alternate title or description if the concept has merit but isn’t well framed
  • Identify reasonable [temporary?] workarounds (including by referencing an existing Community submittal) 

After Curators have completed a batch they can volunteer to review another batch. 

The program is announced in advance, and the idea set is semi-frozen as of a certain date. 

A new tag would be created called Curated so users/submitters would know the idea has been peer reviewed. 

Process steps include (in basic concept):

  1. Ideas assigned unique numbers
  2. Frozen list divided into groups of ten by tens digit of idea number (ie, ideas numbered  12345, 54341 and 13345 would be in one batch of ten; 14445, 35142 and 32441 would be in another batch of ten). This would ensure Curators receive an array not clumped by date submitted or existing votes received.
  3. Some version of MoveRows (or equivalent) would parse those batches into sheets assigned to the Curators
  4. Each batch would go to at least three Curators so that every idea would have multiple eyes on it
  5. Drag/drop has the distinct advantage of “forcing” each Sheet’s ideas into priority sequence (d/d not available in Reports, Dynamic View or other Smartsheet tools). The row number would be preserved and used in calculating consolidated results.
  6. After the deadline, all curated sheets would be recombined (or multi-Sheet Reported?) and the most favored ideas would float to the top. 
  7. Perhaps a second round would be done by parsing the top-ranked curated results back out to the Curators to prioritize the best ideas. 

* - Smartsheet’s Customer Experience team would recruit as Curators 100 or more users who have demonstrated perceptive Smartsheet intelligence, to serve. Maybe require a minimum number of Points, Comments, Discussions and/or Badges. Each would be invited to volunteer to rank at least one batch. Customers could also apply to be Curators. 

With the IdeaSubmitted tag presently encompassing around 300 ideas, there would be about 30 batches. With 100 or so Curators each batch could be ranked by 3 Curators. (Inevitably some Curators would be unable to complete their batches timely, thus requiring an over-supply of Curators.)

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