Can I restrict who can view a specific dashboard within a dashboard?

Dee Dee
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Hi - I have been setting up the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for my business in SmartSheets. I have one Workspace with 2 groups - Management and Non-Management. There is a main SOP dashboard that contains about 10 different dashboards covering a multitude of topics (i.e. job duties, safety protocols, etc). Employees should have access to all dashboards with the exception of the Manager's Dashboard as it has some sensitive information (i.e. passwords, etc.).

Is there a way to restrict this one dashboard so that only my management group can view it? If not, is the recommendation that I remove that dashboard from the SOP workspace?

I would also like to ask what the best way to share the SOPs with new employees. It is currently published and only accessible to people within my organization. Is sharing the link with new employees the best way to add them? Will the workspace link give them access to all of the sheets within the SOPs?

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  • Anne T


    There's the option of duplicating the dashboard (File-->Save as New) then you can have one DB with the sensitive information to share with your Management Group and the other DB without, to share with the Non-managers.

    The alternative is to use the Report Widget and set the Viewer Mode to "Their own perspective". You would need to share the report with the Management Group so they see the report on the DB otherwise it'll come up as a blank report.

    The workspace link will only work if the user has been shared the workspace itself. You'll have to add users individually or by group to the workspace first. The shortest route could be to add the new users to a group that has access to the workspace containing your SOPs.

    Hope that helps!.