Sumif Index Match multiple criteria

Hi, I would like to add the quantity in another sheet if they match 4 criteria in my sheet. For instance; I would like to add the quantity (from the Orders Sheet) of material ordered for each item in the Costing Sheet, to compare with what we costed on.

Below is the Costing Sheet, so I would like to add up the quantities (found in Orders Sheet) of all orders for Brick Clay Maxi NFX-14mpa used in the Brickwork - Ground Floor, Brickwork to Ground Floor used on Project 1509LV_Savage. Further below is the Costing Sheet, where you can see the Project Name, Main Category, SubCategory and Description which need to match the source sheet before it can take the quantities across to the Costing Sheet.

What formula could I use to achieve this. Assistance would be greatly appreciated and allow me some sleep 😂

Costing Sheet

Orders Sheet



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