Grayed out Contact logo

Hi. Can someone tell me what does it mean to have this logo as a contact profile picture?

Our sheet is shared to this user with Editor-can share access, but he cannot edit a cell on the sheet.


  • The cell/column or row maybe locked

  • I have confirmed that the row/column is not locked. Other users with same permission level can modify the cells.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Sabrina R.

    I've seen this same image (greyed out with a line) when the contact's personal Profile image was imported from another app (e.g. clicking the "Get photo from Google"), then the photo was deleted.

    I would ask the contact to check their Personal Settings to see if there's a Google icon next to the greyed contact photo. If there is, clicking on that icon may allow them to manage their contact there.

    If they don't have an icon there, they should still be able to edit this in their personal settings. To add or update personal profile details:

    1. Click Account > Personal Settings.
    2. Select Profile from the left panel.
    3. Make the desired changes to your profile and click Save.

    I will note that how the profile is displaying should not have any impact on the actions they can take in your sheet. If they have Editor permissions, they should be able to edit cells that any other editor can adjust. Here's a table that goes through what an Editor can do: