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I have a question regarding the date that displays in the system Created column and Modified columns.

In an instance in one of my sheets, my Created date displays 9/30 but my Modified Date column displays 10/10 but says it was modified by Why would the Created date be so much earlier than the Modified date from the form submission?


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    Hello @MariaG

    The created date is the date the row was created on the sheet. If the entry is moved to another sheet the created date will update based on the date the entry was moved.

    The Modified date is the date when the row was updated, for any reason.

    In your example, the modification was completed by an automation, which means there is an automation running in the background that updated the row in question, hence the modified date change. If the information was changed via a web form submission then the modified would list something like "web form submission".

    I hope that helps.



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