Dark Mode for Smartsheet - Neo Noir

This is just an FYI...

I just installed "Neo Noir - Dark Mode for Safari" in Safari on my Mac M1. Like virtually everyone else here, I'd much prefer having a Dark Mode (Theme) inside of Smartsheet. That said, Neo Noir seems to work pretty well.

Good luck,



  • It's 2022 and just about every application has a dark mode. you know there are some people with visual impairments that will benefit from Dark Mode.

  • Dark mode is MUCH MUCH easier for my aging eyes and reducing fatigue/damage as my eyes get blasted for so many hours each day. I use it everywhere that I can.

    Just because traditional documents and such have historically been done by typing and drawing on white paper with a black or blue pen doesn't mean that we have to follow that tradition with our computers.

    Caution about the plug-ins people are using to get a pseudo-dark mode: how do you know the creators of these aren't collecting your company's valuable data? The plug-ins I've seen are not open-source, so you can't know that and you shouldn't trust them.

    Workarounds aside, Smartsheet is way behind the times not providing this feature.