Hiding rows in a report -- am I using the wrong tool?


So, I'm an Excel junkie and my brain is stuck thinking in terms of Excel solutions which is always a bad start with smartsheets.

What I'm looking to do is something like a pivot table. There is a pivot table add-on but that is extra bucks and the current reporting might be able to do what I want.

Source data is a bunch of projects with names, percentage of time spent on them and project managers.

I'd like to basically do the equivalent of a pivot table in my report where it's grouped by project manager, summarizes the total time utilized so we can see who has the greatest availability for new projects. I'm mostly there except it's showing all the rows and takes up too much space.

I'm searching through the chat and not quite seeing what I need. I suspect I might be using the wrong tool and using the wrong terms to describe the solution I need.