Developing an invoice with something other than Google Docs

edited 12/12/22 in Smartsheet Basics

We've been using Smartsheets for several years now for individual/residential property management. At the end of each month, we create an invoice listing out the services rendered at each property (what items were checked in each home, how many times they were checked, who did it, what needed repairs, etc.) We've been syncing reports from Smartsheet with a template created in Google Docs. This isn't a horrible way to do it, but it is sometimes cumbersome when we have to have a different Google doc for each residence (We manage over 60 homes now). Then each one of those has to be downloaded as an individual PDF so it can be emailed to the individual clients. I was wondering if there is any more simple way to go about this that has been created in the last year or so? Is there a different way using a feature in Smartsheet to create an invoice from a report? And an invoice that isn't about money or cost, but a checklist basically of jobs that have to be completed for each house, at least once a week, for each month?