Allow Editors to select Approvers per line item



I'm trying to automate what is currently a manual process done by sending a PDF with 4-5 signature blocks out to various approvers via email.

I have a Smartsheet that intakes form data from a submitter. At some point, that data needs to go through several layers of approval (supervisor, document owner, program owner), but those names are not necessarily static.

I also have at least one Editor in each Department who needs to monitor and work through the entries related to documents in their department. While most may have a static approval set that I can reference from another sheet, some of them need to be able to choose their own approvers.

Is there a way I can allow an Editor in the Smartsheet to create an Approval Request and add however many people, and whomever they need to approve the line-item request? I've seen Update Requests can be done by Editors on the left, but the only way I see an Approval Request is through a Workflow.

Any help is appreciated.