Formula to add 30 days to create date and insert into a cell is if value is blank

jvanhemm ✭✭✭
edited 11/01/22 in Formulas and Functions

Good morning. I have a sheet where we are placing dates for follow-up on projects that go on hold. In the form we ask for a planned restart date but sometimes this is unknown. When that date is unknown we want to trigger a reminder for follow-up 30 days after the date the row is created. I have a created date field and I know to add 30 days to that but I am struggling with how to utilize the ISBLANK function along with this to get the value I am looking for. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

There is also a Planned Restart yes/no drop down I could use to do this and say if Planned Restart is no add 30 days to create date. Either should work I just and not strong with compound formulas

Fields are Created and Planned Restart

I tried this but it is not working =IF([Planned Restart]@row = “No”, [Created]@row + 30)

I am inserting this into the Estimated Restart Date column



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