Searching With "*" Does It Still Work?


Before the recent update we would perform a search using an "*" before our part number so it would find all of the different entries. We have some users entering part numbers like, SO001234 or SO1234 and by searching *1234 we would find both results. Now it appears the * no longer works. Any other option. Thanks


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Jim Potter

    There have been some updates to the new Search functionality! I would suggest following this thread here for more information:

    Yes, the wildcard search with * and numbers should work with the new Search UI. Here's the Help Article with other search tips and tricks!



  • adrian1
    adrian1 ✭✭

    It has not been working for me since Nov 1 or so. I put in a support ticket yesterday to address this and this morning search is not working at all for me. I see chatter from the rest of the community that is reporting the same.

  • KBoutonCyber

    @Genevieve P.

    The conversation that you link to has many frustrated users 3 weeks later because @Lekshmi Unnithan has failed to respond since 11/4, in which the initial response was absolutely useless as was a service ticket that I entered. The response to my service ticket...go to the community and post a comment! How insulting to the many, many subscribers that trust Smartseet with their daily data tracking!

    In the announcement, the new UI is described as "Previously, Search’s old UI was complex and had the potential to display inaccurate search results. We redesigned the look and improved the performance of Search in Smartsheet. Now, Search not only has a modern UI, but it’s also more scalable and has better result accuracy. This will help customers find their Smartsheet items or work more efficiently."

    It has proven to be FAR from that! Why hasn't SS addressed or rolled back the update that was obviously not helpful across the board to all users needs and is costing users valuable time and efficiency??

  • Jim Potter

    Hello everyone,

    I noticed that the "*" search has been disabled again in Smartsheet. My original post listed the problem when searching using an "*" character before my search criteria. Eventually, the wildcard was added back to the Smartsheet search, and all was good again. Now it appears it has been removed and now I can no longer search using the "*" character. Is this something that can be returned to our search feature?

    Thanks, Jim