Nested Form Logic?

Good Afternoon Smartsheet Pros!

I am trying to create a form that adds new employee data to a spreadsheet. My desire is that I have functionality that allows the form filler to add multiple personel entries to the same form. My instinct was to create an 'Add Additional Employee' checkbox with logic that populates the data fields again, but that hasn't performed the task I was hoping for.

I have a feeling the issue comes down to a choice. A) require the individuals to submit one entry at a time, ensuring that all the data ends up in a clean spreadsheet column. or B) create new columns for the information collected for employee 2,3 etc. I could then create logic for a drop-down for adding 1-10 additional employees and the logic would populate the required number of fields, but the data would be messy on the back end.

Does anybody have advice for a cleaner way to handle this?