Assist with Date Helper Column Formula



I have a sheet with a Date helper column that is being generated from a Primary column with a MM/DD/YYYY text format. I can get the helper column (set as a date type) to show up as MM/DD/YY without issue using this column formula:

=DATE(VALUE(20 + RIGHT(Primary@row, 2)), VALUE(LEFT(Primary@row, 2)), VALUE(MID(Primary@row, FIND("/", Primary@row) + 1, 2)))

I'm now trying to get a count of the dates in the helper column that fall into particular quarters.

Here's the attempted formula for quarter 1 of 2022 (January to March):

=COUNTIFS(Helper:Helper, AND(@cell >= DATE(2022, 1, 1), @cell <= DATE(2022, 3, 31)))

but I keep getting a #INVALID DATA TYPE error.

Any suggestions?





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