Countifs formula help needed

Lee Ratzlaff
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I need a way to count the total number of records associated with a specific person, in a grid separate from where the data is stored and can't quite figure it out.

Each record has an Assigned Staff column, it is a contact list. Each individual submits data for each client once a month, each record has a reporting period date column. They can have as few as one client or as many as ten clients. I need to count how many records each staff submitted for the previous month. I have made a grid that includes a cell link to populate the email addresses of all employed staff.

What syntax would I need for it to create a metric that displays the total caseload for each staff on a monthly basis?

Here's an example of a different formula that counts all records from last month who were actively enrolled and involved with PS =COUNTIFS({ND CYFD}, "Protective Services", {ND Enrollment Status}, "Active", {ND Reporting Period}, MONTH(@cell) = (MONTH(TODAY()) - 1))

I just need to figure out how to write the syntax so it references the cell with the staff email address instead of being involved with PS.


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