Multi-Sheet Cap for Reports/Pivots/Dashboards

Good morning,

I need to report on data spread over 50+ sheets that are updated independently. The plan had been to place all these sheets in a single workspace and run a Dashboard or a Pivot referencing them all, but I cannot find whether there is a limit on the number of sheets a single Dashboard or Pivot can reference. Or if there is a similar limit on the maximum number of cells. Is this approach viable?

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  • Dale Murphy
    Dale Murphy ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Saawatts Not sure what you are planning when you say "run a Dashboard ... referencing them all ..."

    Do you mean to build a report that references all these sheets? If so, you are well within a technical limit (I have seen over 400 sheets referenced in a single report). But you need your sheets to be very similar in design for such a report to be useful. The first limit you are likely to encounter is number of rows the report can display or even reference.

    But if you have 50-75 sheets, and if you can filter to a manageable number of rows (fewer than 2,500) you should be good.

    **If the sheets are all in one workspace, the job of building the report is made much simpler.