There are too many cells referenced by formulas in this sheet



I get this message "There are too many cells referenced by formulas in this sheet" every time I load a specific sheet.

Then the sheet disappears & Chrome leaves this message: Aw, Snap, Error code: Out of Memory

Would anyone have an idea how to tackle this ?

I'll try to clean Chrome temporary files to get more available memory.

Are there best practices to reduce the memory countifs use ?

Are Datameshs more memory savvy than vlookups ?

Anything else I should think about ?




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  • Pierre-Eric Collette
    Pierre-Eric Collette ✭✭✭✭
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    Thanks JKHALID. Indeed this is probably a good one.

    Since I posted this question I came to use Datamesh much more that vlookups.

    There are other downsides to this solution like losing benefit of instantaneous result.

    But at least it much more efficient memory-wise.