Managers Approval Matrix > Pull Which Level Manager is Needed + Skip to Next Level Manager if Blank

Kahlan_ ✭✭
edited 11/09/22 in Formulas and Functions

Hi All!

I have manager level. I need to pull in the Employee ID (EID) for the Manager Level of Approver that each requires. And if it's blank I need to pull the next level approver.

In the picture below, the two green circles highlight this. So if a contract value determines I need a Level 4 approver (already setup separately) in the top green circle and there's no level 4, I need to populate with Level 5.

I have this so far, but I feel like I'm way off & I can't get it to function.

=IF([Which level Manager is needed? (hidden)]@row = [Level 1]1:[Level 7]1, [Level 1]@row:[Level 7]@row, "")

Thank you!!!!



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