The Smartsheet search function no longer provides Primary Column data in the results.


Smartsheets used to provide Primary Column data as part of the search results. It appears that with a recent update this longer works. Search results are nearly useless as one must now click through each result to find the entry of interest.

According to this article,

  • To get more detail about row results, hover the mouse over the results. You'll be able to see the value of the primary column for that row.

I've tried in both Chrome and Bing. Hovering over a search result does not provide the Primary Column data.

Anyone else having this problem?



  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @Bruce.Martin ,

    In doing some testing, the hovering over functionality advertised in the Help Center article didn't seem to work in my own environment either, If you haven't done yet, I would recommend opening a ticket with our Support team via this form or accessing the new Customer Support Portal.

    In addition to this, you may raise your feedback about the new search bar experience using the megaphone icon beside the results bar.

    I hope that this can be of help.