Need assistance with calendar date ranges when printing to PDF

Hey everybody,

I'm pretty new to SmartSheet and need some help. I'm trying to help a user with her calendar view and I'm running into a situation when she tries to print to PDF.

Whenever we try to print to PDF, it comes out in the format as seen in the screenshot attached. Is there a way to print this so each page is an individual month? I did not see an option for this...

Also, is there some way we could pull a yearly view for this calendar (be it through integrations with other software)? I know SmartSheet does not have that option yet.

Thanks everybody!


  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator
    edited 11/17/22

    Hi @jahmeanne,

    When selecting "All Dates" in your print view, it is expected that each month within the earliest start and latest finish dates in your Calendar view populate new pages. If you'd like to restrict the export to a specific month, you may delimitate this with the "Custom Range" function. E.g in my example below, a single page for the month of January will be exported into PDF:

    Note, however, that since the printed grid is generated on a week by week basis, you may see data from the next month in the last row to populate all days within that particular week. You may also adjust the margin sizes if you find that the document exceeds one page.

    On the other hand, as you point, there isn't currently a way in Smartsheet to display a full year view of your Calendar, When you have a moment, please submit your feature request to the Product team by signing in to the online Community (the Community uses your Smartsheet account to sign in) and create an Idea post in the Smartsheet Product Feedback and Ideas topic

    Posting your enhancement in the Community will allow other Smartsheet users to see and vote on your idea! The top-voted posts in this category are reviewed monthly by the Product team and you'll receive an email notification if a status changes for a post you've created or voted on. 

    I don't particularly know of any other software you may integrate Smartsheet with to achieve what you intend, but you may try exploring any of the solutions offered by Zapier.

    I hope that this can be of help.