Indenting new rows

JanSte ✭✭
edited 11/16/22 in Smartsheet Basics


I would like to track requests for work in Smartsheet. The idea is to have Request type and Request title. The Request type is dropdown with predefined categories. The Request Title should be just text, which describes the request.

I would like to make in my sheet the Requests grouped by Request type. There should be one row with request type="xxxx" and bellow this row should be listed all requests with the same request types.

The primary column has to be Request title (text). If I will have simple form, with Request Title and Type, can I somehow control how the new row will be placed into the sheet?

If I got it right, the new row from the form can be added only to top or to bottom. There is no way how to force the new row to be added under the correct request type?

Any hints are welcome.