Update Request Email Notification - Limit fields to edit


I'm creating an email notification from a project plan to request updates for tasks that are in progress however the form allows editing of all fields on the selected rows of the plan and I only want the recipient to be able to edit one or two of the fields.

However, they do need to see all of the fields on that row. Is there a way to modify the update form to display some fields but allow editing of others? I'm thinking that's probably not possible but thought I'd ask.

Thanks in advance!



  • ygoldgrab
    ygoldgrab ✭✭✭✭✭

    @cdickson , I had the same issue, my workaround was to create a copy of all the columns that I didn't want to be editable and made each one a column formula of the original column. Now, those columns are not editable because formula's in a cell are not editable in the form. If there is any other solution , I would like to know

  • cdickson

    @ygoldgrab - Thank you! That makes sense. I may need to give that a try unless there's another solution out there.

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