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Control and/or Burndown Charts

I have not been able to find information on how to create a control and/or burndown chart in Smartsheet to track the cycle time of tasks as they pass through different statuses and the remaining work.  I was planning to add columns and create formulas to track the dates when the status changes and then create reports to export to excel.  Other than creating a report and exporting to track this in excel, are there other options to create this in Smartsheet?



  • Hi Jennifer,

    I've got a 15 and 30 day example of agile burndown templates, I will share them with you now. 

    Hope they help!


    Smartsheet Product Manager

  • Thank you.  I will review these with my team.  We are in the process of setting up Kanban style project management so this is helpful.

  • Preston
    Preston ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'm interested in having a look at this as well. Mind sharing?

  • Hi Preston, 

    Send your email address to me and I'll share them over.

    [email protected]



  • Hi Kara,


    Can you please share the burndown templates with me as well. [email protected].



  • Hi Kara, 

    Could you please share with me too [email protected]



  • Hi Kara,


    Would you be able to share this with me as well, [email protected].





  • Are these downloadable somewhere now?

  • Hi Kara -

    Please send the burndown templates to [email protected]


  • Hi Kara,

    Could you Share the burndown chart?




  • Hi Kara,

    I, too, would like to have a copy of the burndown chart for SmartSheets.



  • Hi Kara,

    I'm just looking for the burndown chart.

    Could you share it ?




  • Hi all,

    Clicking this link will download the templates into your sheets folder.

    Burndown Template Instruction

    A Burndown Template produces a project Burndown Chart that reports on the amount of time or effort needed to complete for a Sprint, which is a set period of time during a specific work has to be completed. That is, a chart with time on the x-axis, and amount of story points on the y-axis, summarizing how the actual progress is comparing to the planned schedule.

    In this template, the Sprint Team has determined that this Sprint 1 is expected to take 15 days and is comprised of 10 features and 2 bugs. Story points are an abstract measure of the complexity and effort needed to complete a feature during a Sprint. The scale we are using for story points is equivalent to numbers in the Fibonacci sequence (2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40), with the higher number of story points being assigned to the more difficult feature. The team has determined that 85 story points must be completed to bring the Sprint to a successful conclusion.

    Sprint 1 is a completed Sprint. When the sprint is in progress, actual story points are shown only for the days that have been completed. Every day, the sprint team is polled for its estimate of work that still must be completed and these estimates are recorded in the template. From this, the team's “Actual Effort” can be calculated and an estimate of when the sprint will be completed can be made.

    Create the Burndown Chart in Smartsheet Labs

    1. Save your Smartsheet template

    2. Log into https://smartsheetlabs.com/smartsheetcharts and click on “Add New”

    3. Choose the saved template

    3. On the left sidebar, only select “Planned Effort” and “Actual Effort”

    4. Scroll over to the right, and click on for “Status” and “Assigned To”

    5. Select “Switch rows and columns”, and hit “NEXT”

    6. Go to Chart Type and select “Line Chart”, hit “OK”, and you just created your own Burndown Chart

    Every time you make changes to your Burndown template, the Burndown Chart will automatically update, you just need to save the template sheet and refresh the smartsheetlabs page.

    The Sprint team meets daily and makes a re-assessment on the number of story points that still must be completed. These are the values in the smartsheet for each day. "Actual Effort" is the sum of story points completed over a specific time interval ( in our case, it is calculated per day).  Once the Sprint team completes a feature, a zero is filled in and it will remain zero until the end of the Sprint, otherwise, the amount of Story Points remains unchanged. Changing in Story Points is a measure of the Sprint Team's rate of progress.

    For a Sprint, the "Planned Effort" over time is represented simply as a straight line. Thus for the "spreadsheet sprint" a straight line is constructed by connecting the points 15 days, 85 story points, with 0 days, 0 story points. Progress during the sprint will be tracked against this trajectory.

    Soon (next 2-3 months), we will be releasing a Charts functionality in Sights (Dashboards) for those of you who have that enabled.

  • Hi Kara,


    I'd love to have this template as well. Would you mind to share with me?






  • Kara - would you please share your Burn Down Smartsheet templates with me too!  Thank you in advance.


    Kind regards,


    [email protected]

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