Wacky Start Date When Using FF in Predecessors


Hi there,

Working to update a plan today and I noticed that the use of the FF Predecessor Type will cause some weirdness with the start date. I've put an example in the graphic above but the summary is this:

If you have two tasks that have the same duration and you want their completion dates to line up, the start date for the FF predecessor extends to a day prior what it should be and but doesn't update the duration to reflect the same.

I did notice that the Ganntt chart for the FF task shows the start block at the tail end of the day where as the non-FF task shows the start block filling up the entirety of the day (these are marked with callouts in the above image.)

Since the logic looks like it's trying to start the FF task at 23:59 the day prior, I'm wondering two things:

  1. Is this a expected behavior?
  2. If yes, then is this a new feature of Smartsheets where we can set the daily start times rather than just the number of hours in a working day and if so where can I locate this setting?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Katharyn Taylor

    No, this was not expected behaviour!

    The Support team received a number of similar reports from other customers and were able to investigate the issue. This morning a fix was applied so your tasks that have a SF or FF Predecessor relationship should now show the correct start dates.