Wanting to migrate from outdated software

I'm extremely new to smartsheet, but before I dabble into it further I wanted to ask if it has the capability to do what I need from it.

I work in chemical waste management and our current program for receiving pickups from requestors is very old and stagnant (extremely difficult to make changes to it).

I already created a form and sheet that can ask requestors what they need (put a number for how many gallon bottles they need picked up, if they need a reactive bucket, contact info etc.), but I only want to see what they need and not what they don't. Is there a way to copy over only cells of value, and carry over the title of the column?

For example, if someone requests for just one carboy, I want to have some cells always carry over (like contact information and pickup location), but only have others when there's value, but be able to group the values into pick-up and drop-off in some way.

E.g. | Mary Sue | (123)456-7890 | Pick-up: | 2 Carboys | 1 Reactive Bucket | Drop-off: | 20 Waste labels|

Or something in that fashion... is this possible, and if so, how? Does anyone have a better idea on how to format my sheets so they're more functional for this purpose?

Here is the top portion of the form I created:

And this is a section of the sheet it references.

I want to move/use the first 8 columns for every request, but not have to scroll the entirety of the sheet to the right just to see numerous blank cells that aren't necessary to know for the pick-up. I'd like it in a concise way because I intend to print the sheet with select requests so we can go complete them.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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