Automation help: how to email alerts to a list of contacts in a separate Smartsheet




I'm trying to set up an automation to send an alert to email addresses that are in a separate Smartsheet. My first Smartsheet is set up to collect the results of server upgrades. I then need to email these results out to a sizable number of contacts that are in a second Smartsheet.


This list of contacts can change at any time and for ease of administration I have a separate Smartsheet to keep track of the current contacts that need to be notified. Keeping all the contacts in a single cell is prohibitive since 1) there are a lot of them and 2) I also need to keep track of other information for each of those contacts like name, phone number, etc.


Is there a way that when a trigger condition is met in the first Smartsheet for it to send an email alert to the contacts that are in the second Smartsheet?




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