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fix the color of the outline on dark background cells highlighted by the find cmd


We noticed that the highlighting of a cell resulting from a found occurrence (find command) is barely visible on dark backgound, especially blue.

I noticed that on a smartsheet the outline is blue, and on a report the outline is some kind of grey.

Would it be possible to define a different color, more visible, when background is not light color ?

Thank you f or your support.

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  • AmandaB
    AmandaB ✭✭✭

    I would agree with this, but would not constrain the request to instances where the sheet has a dark background. Even in the default white view, the outlined cell as found via the CTRL+F command can be difficult to see. If the outline was a thicker boarder, that would be helpful along with maybe filling in the "handle" block on the far left of the row that the particular cell is located within.

  • Has this concern ever been fixed or addressed?

  • We really need a better highlighting/outline when go through found results via the CTRL + F command. These are still horribly hard to see. Even bolding the found text within the cell would help. Having to export to Excel and using Excel filters should not be the answer. 🙏