Help w/adding NETWORKDAY - formula not working

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Hi team - I have an automated date column called 0. DDO Assigned (actual) that records a date from a status change in another column. I want to add 4 working days to that date as a "bench mark" in the 1. Pending 3PRM Refresh/Aggregate IRQ (BM) column. I tried using the following formula and, while it does not error out, it does not add the 4 days in the 1. Pending 3PRM Refresh/Aggregate IRQ (BM) column (changed column property from Text to Date and still doesn't work):

=IFERROR(NETWORKDAY([0. DDO Assigned (actual)]@row, 4), "")

What am I doing wrong?

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  • David Tutwiler
    David Tutwiler Overachievers Alumni
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    I believe you have the right logic but the wrong function. NETWORKDAY returns the number of working days between two dates. You don't want that, you want the date for something that is 4 working days away from your original date. I think you should use WORKDAY instead. Something like this should work:

    =IFERROR(WORKDAY([0. DDO Assigned (actual)]@row, 4), "")


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