Dynamic Report Filters

dhall ✭✭✭✭
edited 12/06/22 in Smartsheet Basics

I don't think this is a feature, but it would be extremely helpful if it was. Let me share the details.

We often use the method of creating a template of something, lets say a sheet, two reports, and a dashboard. We keep these four in a folder, and if we need a new one, we'll copy the folder to the correct location, rename the folder appropriately, then rename the four objects accordingly.

Now the sheet pulls from some other sheets in the same workspace, but all I have to do is input a value in a cell and thanks to all the formulas and sheet references, everything else is filled in as new data is added.

However, after I set that value in the sheet, I have to go into the two reports and update the filters as well. This is where the dynamic filter would be handy.

If I could set a report filter to "column = [Column2] from [SourceSheet]", it would make the copy of the new folder less tedious.

I'm really hoping someone tells me I must be blind because there is this great feature that already exists, but if it does... I can't find it. If it doesn't, I think it would make for a great feature anyways!

See the below screenshots for reference.

Folder that is copied:

Example of the cells within the sheet I want to for the dynamic filter values:

(I change the name (Information2) and the rest populates from another master sheet).

Report filters that needs to be changed on their respective reports on each copy: