Linking cells in a Gantt chart



Has anyone figured out a work around to link cells from one Gantt chart to another when you have dependencies? The main point of linking a cell from one file to another is so that it updates when information changes. I need to have dependencies in the Gantt, but also really want to make linkages from one Gantt to another.




  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @kshah,

    As stated here, inbound cell links are currently not allowed in Start dates with a dependency or Finish dates in a sheet where dependencies are enabled. When you have a moment, please submit your feature request to the Product team by signing in to the online Community (the Community uses your Smartsheet account to sign in) and create an Idea post in the Smartsheet Product Feedback and Ideas topic

    Posting your enhancement in the Community will allow other Smartsheet users to see and vote on your idea! The top-voted posts in this category are reviewed monthly by the Product team and you'll receive an email notification if a status changes for a post you've created or voted on. 

    If you are working with multiple related projects that belong to the same portfolio but are in different sheets, you may want to create a Report that consolidates all in the same view. This can facilitate work with dates affecting multiple projects as they would appear together in the Gantt chart.

    I hope that this can be of help.