AVG Not Calculating

Courtney Collier
Courtney Collier ✭✭✭✭
edited 12/05/22 in Formulas and Functions

I am trying to avg each row (Center Average) based on % of compliance in each category. "1 is compliant and "0" is non-compliant. The % Compliance columns are calculated using

=(COUNTIF([FD 1]2:[FD 12]2, "1") / [# Front Desk Questions]#). As you can see, the average is not calculated correctly. For example, the row with all "0.00%" is showing 14.29%.

The formula for AVG I am using is: =IFERROR(AVG([% Compliance Front Desk]@row:[% Compliance Misc. ]@row), 0)

Thanks for reviewing!


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