How to List New Options From A Multi-Choice Column As a Value In Another Sheet?


Hey Guys,

I've been trying to find a solution but I'm stuck.

I have a 'master' sheet that has a multi-choice column for countries of operations for some partners. The choices will increase over time as my partners increase their countries of operations. I am trying to create a formula that will use this column as a reference and automatically list the countries in another sheet with the newly added countries, and in addition count all the countries without duplication


Row 1: Spain, France

Row 2: Brazil, Spain, France

Row 3: France, Chile

Desired Result in Another Sheet:

Row 1: Spain

Row 2: France

Row 3: Brazil

Row 4: Chile

Total Countries: 4

I know that I can manually update another sheet by just adding new countries but I want for my 'master' sheet to be the source of truth for other sheets in my folder.

Any thoughts?



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