Moving Dates that are past due

Is there a way for smart sheet to automatically move a date range for a process if its past due? For instance I want Bob to cut firewood on Wednesday. I set the date for Bob to cut the firewood on Wednesday 12/14 and set the duration as 1 day. If Bob calls in sick on Wednesday, then the date has past, there is a good chance that Bob missed the cutting firewood on Wednesday on his calendar, then he is off to the next project. If the check box for done is not checked, can the date and duration automatically move down the line?

I am new to Smartsheet, I do have a Bob in my facility, but he never cuts firewood...



  • have you got a screenshot sounds like we could set up an automation to change a row :)

  • For instance in this case if on Tuesday 12/13 if Line 226 delivery doesn't happen, can I automatically set it to move 1 day until the project is complete and not fall into the past. I don't have done check boxes set yet, but am thinking of a way to do that. But if a process is say 5 days long I don't want that process to move forward if say on day 3 of a 5 day process.

    Make any sort of sense?

  • Ok so smartsheet doesn't let you change a date through automation...

    @Dan W seen your comments on date formulas similar to this any ideas?? :)