How to trigger notifications for due date on the sheet, not triggering all items on the sheet

Hello - I am stuck with trying to trigger automations when a date occurs on a line in the sheet that sends an email notification the item is due but the emails sent show all items on the sheet, not the items with the trigger date. How can I set the automation to send the email and the line on the sheet that has that due date only?


  • Is this so they see the one row to update it :)

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    Can you maybe share some screenshots of the workflow? (Delete/replace any confidential/sensitive information before sharing) That would make it easier to help.

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  • You can set an automation- to send an update request,

    Set all as below (set the date field select column name, and choose time of day)

    where is has the message customise it and set it to only show columns you desire (see below):

    Save ....

    Remember to check permissions in automation settings:


    The recipient receives an email like the below:

    You see how the column names in {{ }} have now turned into the information in the desired row...

    The email recipient uses the open update form button and it looks like the below:

    The submit update will update direct to them columns on that row.... if you want them to see certain columns but not edit that info stick it in the customise message box {{Department}} - {{CODE}} - {{Estimated Finish Date}} and do not select them on the field's options...

    Its definitely worth playing with as it is really useful and appeasing to the eye :)

  • Hello - thanks for your response. I hope this is what you are looking for: