Can I create a report with mutiple filters for a dashboard?


I created a dashboard that display the issue, report date, number of weeks and wireless chipset, I would like to have a filter per month. In other words, I want the capability to add 12 filters (1 per month) and apply the filter once the month is done to show all activity at the dashboard, is that possible or I need to create 12 reports with filters for each month?

The filter showing above will be for just one month, how I can create a filter for each month and display it at the dashboard?



  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @jehup

    You cannot apply filters to reports, in the sense that you are asking. There may be a couple of options however. if you bring all data into your report then Group on Months, you will be able to expand, collapse the groups as desired within your dashboard. To group by months easily, if you haven't already built a column that designates the month number, consider doing as to make it easy to assimilate the months. You would use this formula in a column to extract Month numbers = MONTH([Report Date]@row)

    The second option depends if your sheet, with the appropriate columns, would display the data you needed. If yes, then you could try inserting a published version of your sheet into your dashboard to see if the filter would work for you there.