Create Percentage Based off # of Checkboxes Checked


1) Creating a percentage to tally how much out of each section is checked completed.

2) Then also need to setup a formula to do the same for the overall sheet including all subheaders.

This is the formula I have so far for the individual subheader sections. But I keep getting Invalid Operation errors. Not sure what I'm missing here. Screenshot attached for further context.

=COUNTIF(Done3:Done8, 1) / (COUNTIFS(Done3:Done8, 0, NOT(ISBLANK(@cell) + (COUNTIF(Done3:Done8, 1)))))


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  • _Kay
    _Kay ✭✭
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    @Jeff Reisman FINALLY. Sorry had been screwing with this for waaay too long now. Managed to get it though. Here's the final working formula:

    =ROUND(COUNTIF(Done3:Done8, 1) / (COUNTIFS(Done3:Done8, 0) + COUNTIFS(Done3:Done8, 1)), 2) * 100 + "%"

    Had to add in the rounding to allow it to display inside the checkbox column.

    Appreciate your help Jeff!!


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