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Hi Community, Please I want to create a form for appraisal that will first be completed by an employee and on submission, the supervisor also gives his rating of the employee based on certain criteria. How do I go about this, please?

Kindly find attached the form.


  • Paul McGuinness
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    Hi @Lovingmags

    Without both users completing the form at the same time I would create 3 sheets, 1 form would be completed by the employee and go to sheet 1, 1 form would be completed by the supervisor and go to sheet 2, you can then pull the responses from both sheets into the 3rd sheet for data / review purposes etc.

    Only thing would be that the supervisor wouldn't be able to see the employees responses within the form they were completing. But once aggregated into the final sheet you could have the responses generate a notification or even compile the responses into a PDF and email that to all parties?

    Hope that helps a bit

    Thanks Paul

  • Jeff Reisman
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    I have done something similar for my company. There are really two methods for this. One method involves just regular data collection via a form, with further data collection via an automated update request. The other involves document generation to create a document with the submitted data filled in, and then send that along to another user. Here are some high-level steps:

    For both methods, you first would create a sheet containing columns for all the data you want the employee to fill in as well as the columns you want the supervisor to complete. Then, on that sheet, you would create a form for the employee to fill out:

    After creating the form, then you would want to add automation or formulas into the sheet to help Smartsheet know which supervisor to assign the row to.

    For the first method, you would then add automation to send an Update Request to the supervisor that is assigned to the row. You can customize this to show the fields you want them to see and the ones you want them to complete.

    For the second method, you'll want to read up on document generation in Smartsheet. At a high-level, using a licensed copy of Adobe or some other PDF software, you create what's known as a fillable PDF. This is where you create fillable data fields on a PDF. In your case, you would print the word document to PDF and use that as the basis for your fillable PDF.

    On your Smartsheet, go to a row that's filled with test data, open the row menu, and select Generate Documents. This brings you to a page where you can upload your fillable PDF and map your Smartsheet columns to the fillable fields on the PDF. (I suggest having a column in your sheet where you generate a document name value to use to name the PDF file something meaningful, such as =[Employee Name]@row + "_Evaluation_"+ YEAR([Date Submitted]@row) ). The generated PDF becomes an attachment on the row.

    You'll have to test this a bunch of times to make sure your field mappings work, that data doesn't spillover into other fields, etc. Once you're satisfied, create a new automation that automatically generates the document, and then another automation to send the PDF to the supervisor with instructions for them to edit the PDF and upload to the sheet as a new version of the attachment.


    Jeff Reisman

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