Help: Forms not working for users

Hi, I created two forms for two different sheets and my users are getting the same error however I am able to use the form and submit. Screenshots included



  • DHarris
    DHarris ✭✭

    Looks like you have something configured for your "Priority" column within the sheet you have created for this form that needs your help with.

    Can you provide what you may have setup for that column whether its a checkbox, has a function or a drop down? Do you have a requirement built for that column (which it does show) and can you remove that requirement and still get an error within that column?

  • Hi! So the Priority column is a drop down and has automation setup to notify a group when the priority is High. I also just noticed that the Requestor doesn't come in as a contact and the field is a contacts field so that the requestor can be notified when the item is answered or completed.