Question Regarding Multiple Forms.

Hello All,

Is there a way to link multiple forms to 1 row? I assume it would need assigned number to reference

For example (New Entry into Row 1)

Form # 1 would require data inputted in columns 1,2,&3 - populates in row # 1 when submitted ( Work Order Number generated automatically )

Form # 2 would require the work order number along with the fields to populate columns 4,5, &6. (Work Details) - Populates in row 1 columns

Form #3 would require the work order number along with fields to populate remaining columns (Work validation and close out) Populates in row 1


  • Ray Lindstrom
    Ray Lindstrom ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 12/21/22

    Hi @Preston W.

    Form entries always create new rows. They do not update existing rows.

    In some cases you can use a form to create the new entries, and then use the Update Request type of Automation to trigger emails to the next person who needs to make entries against the row that the form created. When that persons details are entered another Update Request can be triggered to capture the data from the third person who needs to make entries.

    You can reference column values in the email body of your Update Requests by using double curly brackets like this {{Column1}}.

    In the "Message Includes" section of each Update Request, you can specify which column are sent to the user to update. The user will receive an email with a "Open Update Form" button. They click on that button, and a form opens to update that same original one line. This is the closest you can get to having multiple forms editing a single grid line. There are multiple forms, but you only create one form and the subsequent ones are created by the automation.

    The Open Update Form button can be clicked on multiple times from the same email to update the same line.

    Best of luck!



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