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Using Smartsheet, can we send auto notification in Gmail account to a new user.

condition is , company ask outside user's to share your quotation in using Smartsheet link or HR ask new candidates to share all your required joining verification documents.

so can this is possible using Smartsheet if user has not account in Smartsheet.?


  • Stefan
    Stefan ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Yash,

    not completely sure what you mean exactly.

    You write "new users" and "no Smartsheet account.

    So I assume you mean a "new user" in your organisation is required to upload some data to a specific Smartsheet sheet? Correct?

    If yes how about adding a form to the existing sheet

    Data and attachments sent with this form will populate a new row in your existing sheet. And a workflow in this sheet could send a notification to HR (or other persons) when the data has arrived.

    The link to this form could be sent to the new user via email by HR or someone else.

    There are other options to inform a new Smartsheet account upon the first login to fill in the form data. But this needs an enterprise account.

    Hope this helps!

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