Peer Book Review & Rating


In our business we read a lot of books and share the knowledge among ourselves. Therefore I am developing a "Peer Book Review" sheet whereby any employee can look up a book title and add their personal review comments and rating. If the book is not on the list already, they simply add it as a new book.

I created a sheet where the book title is the parent row, and the reviews are the child rows, but it seems like a clumsy data structure, and the number of reviews will vary by book so the user would have to add a child row everytime.

Is there a template for this already? I looked and couldn't seem to find anything similar.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


  • Samuel Mueller
    Samuel Mueller Overachievers
    edited 12/28/22

    Instead of using parent children hierarchy's, use a report and group by book name. So every time someone fills out a form/review they add a new row, in the form there is a dropdown to select a book to review, or if you don't have the dropdown restricted they could also enter the title of a new book. You would have to update the dropdown though for future reviews of new books.

    In the report if you group by book title it will keep all the reviews in their respective drop downs similar to parent child hierarchy.

    **If you have "Advance" or data shuttle I believe you could use data shuttle to auto update the dropdowns.

  • Thanks Samuel - that's a great suggestion - much appreciated!