Double Dependency


If I have a task that starts when one task finishes, but needs to finish at the same time as another. Is that possible in Smartsheets? when I include a SF with one Task, and FF with another it calculates a (1) day value and finishes with the task associated with FF


  • Julie Fortney
    Julie Fortney Overachievers

    Hi @andrewrjohnson!

    Durations and predecessors are a confusing logic puzzle. I think the challenge is that the duration is defaulting to 1d, so Smartsheet is trying to calculate the best start/end date with a one-day duration to meet the predecessor logic.

    It might help to think about it another way, and enter the actual duration required to complete Exhibit B.

    If it's truly one day, the start and end date of 2/14/23 is accurate. We've told Smartsheet that Task 3 has to finish before Exhibit B starts, and Task 12 needs to finish for Exhibit B to finish. Logically, 2/14/23 is the correct start and end date if the duration is one day.

    If you change the Exhibit B duration to 5 days, it calculates a start date of 2/8/23 and end date of 2/14/23, which makes sense.

    I hope that helps!