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Cell Linking Ability to Filter or Sort Source Sheet / Source Sheet does not stay filtered

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All: I have looked but cannot find other questions regarding this topic. Apologize for any redundancy; and, thank you for any help on these two topics. Sandy

Ability to Filter or Sort Source Sheet:

From my (master) destination sheet, I click cell link icon. Then, I select my source sheet. Is there a way to filter or sort  the source sheet by contact list so that I can group all rows by resource?

I have multiple source sheets from which I need to pull data (by resource) into my master sheet. Other columns in my sheet might be the filter/sort focus at some future point.

Perhaps I am missing the option.

Source Sheet does not stay filtered:

Thinking I could "trick" Smartsheet, I first filtered my source sheet before attempting cell linking. On opening my source sheet, I found the "filtered" sheet was no longer filtered. Being new to Smartsheet I am not sure that filters are "savable."


  • Mike Wilday
    Mike Wilday ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Filters save when viewing the sheet. But filtered views only affect the user who placed the filter. In your instance, I don't think filters will apply when cell-linking. You're not actually viewing the filtered sheet, its giving you everything so that you don't miss data you might need. 

    Have you tried sorting the source sheet? That should permanently align all your data together making it easier to grab. 

  • sdkotes12901

    Mike: Wow, I did not reply to your comment. Thank you for remarking. I will try as you suggest. Sandy

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