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I have a ticket in asking about "trying to develop a financial model where I have had to avoid any linking due to 4-5 minute time lag. FAQ cites complexity as a possible cause so I set up a one cell Smartsheet feeding a one cell Smartsheet and still 4-5 minutes after hitting refresh multiple times network speed is 96.5 mbps and upload is 39.02 so that's not it - please help"

I did a little test to share what I'm experiencing with time lag. Created a one cell spreadsheet connecting to a one cell spreadsheet

Changing the cell in the "One Cell Link Time Test" sheet, and saving, updates the report and dashboard immediately - "receiving" takes 3 to 5 minutes after opening / refreshing (and trying at additional data speed of 600 mbps)

my biz partner is experiencing same lag

FAQs suggested changing browser to Chrome - made no difference; FAQs also suggested complexity is the issue, but ...

anyone else experiencing this? have you conquered this?



  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @David_Sidon,

    My best guess about your case scenario is some kind of performance issues related to the cell link service. Since you have already opened a ticket with our Support team, I would suggest to refer to this to continue investigating and troubleshooting this as this can be also reviewed from the back-end.

    When communicating with our Support team I would advise to share as much information as possible about this event such as when did this start occurring, a list with the impacted items where you have found this behavior if this is only restricted to specific sheets etc.



  • Thanx - although I'm a seasoned user, this is the first time I need to rely on a timely link, so hasn't been a thing I had paid attention to until now. This has to be a setting or something crazily minor, and I expect I might have a "duh" moment coming. Support not particularly quick however - waiting for an echo from my email 2 days ago. Signed up for a ProDesk session next week to explore one-on-one.

    Thanx again,