New Count Formula in Portforio Metrics Not Counting New Group Correctly



I created a new group in Portfolio Metrics sheet of PMO Template. I want to count the Project Length of each active project and display on PMO dashboard.

I have created a # of Days Column on Project Intake and then created helper column with formula that determines Project Length Bucket. I added new Grouping to Portfolio Metrics Sheet of Project Length. This is the formula i have in my portfolio metrics sheet to count the project by what length bucket they are in:

=COUNT(COLLECT({Project ID}, {Project Status}, "In Progress", {Project Length}, $Label@row))

References are: {Project ID}, {Project Status}, {Project Length}

The Project Length Buckets in Portfolio Metrics are:





There are only two projects in my portfolio, with one project in 1-90 and and project in 91-180. But the sheet is displaying a count of 1 in every bucket. Please see attached images.

What am I doing wrong? Help I am brand new to Smartsheet.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Michele L

    You're very close! 🙂

    I believe you're looking for a COUNT(DISTINCT(Collect? That will count how many distinct Project IDs there are with your other two criteria... meaning if there are duplicate rows it will skip them. Is this what you wanted?


    =COUNT(DISTINCT(COLLECT({Project ID}, {Project Status}, "In Progress", {Project Length}, $Label@row)))



  • Michele L
    Michele L ✭✭✭

    Hi Genevieve,

    Thanks for trying to help.

    After screwing up the Portfolio metrics formulas, I copied the the template portfolio metrics sheet to my workspace. I think that caused all the links to get corrupt. I rebuild all the formulas from scratch with fresh reference links and now it works.

    Also helped me get better at formulas ha ha.